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    Re: Heavy Drama

    Posted by Judy on September 28, 2003, 11:23 pm, in reply to "Heavy Drama"

    Oh man Daniel, what an experience and thank God all worked out. My husband was raised on the coast of South Africa and has a GREAT respect for the ocean. He has pulled me out of some tides around the world that I did not realize were dangerous. We have been warned about the area around the hotel on the bay that is "no longer" (the collapsed one after the earth quake) and I wonder how true it is about being dangerous to swim in. I think a chat about this would be a good idea. Do the seasons represent more dangers? i.e. summer being safer than winter etc etc. We often swim infront of the fallen down hotel on our walks during Dec-April to Boca and back. We don't go out far but now you have my attention about swimming there at all. Comments please.


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