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    Re: Heavy Drama

    Posted by D on September 29, 2003, 1:15 am, in reply to "Re: Heavy Drama"

    The main place I swim the horses and myself is by the old Hotel. In my opinion it is a safe place to swim.

    It seems that there is more rip tides after heavy storms, like when you see the piles of rocks on the beach it seems to coincide with riptides.

    Rip tides can be anywhere, just be aware of where the sandy water and foam are going out to sea, usually like a finger pointing away from shore. Sometimes they are wider than others and can appear and dissapear over short periods of time. You can actually swim safely as close as 30 yards from one as the rip tide is only where you see the sandy water and foam.

    Today they seemed to be all over the place, a good day not to go out further than mid waist deep unless you are a strong swimmer and know how to get out of them. Getting out of one alone is moderately difficult, trying to get someone else out of one can be very difficult.




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