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Re: Vacation rental tax

Posted by Daniel on December 27, 2007, 8:18 pm, in reply to "Re: Vacation rental tax"
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Hi Tim,

Perhaps a little history will explain the origins of that name.

In high school I was called D as a nick name which stemed from both my grade point average and my name Daniel.

One day the teacher was passing out graded papers and could not read the name due to poor penmanship. So she simply asked "who got the D"? (referring to the grade). Of course it was I. After that my nick name changed from D to TheD.

So TheD is no brag, just fact.

I would actually prefer that you not bow/curtsey or genuflect since it is just a nick name and not some legal title like Sir. Also I have never gotten much blood flow from such actions (although kneeling on both knees works under certain circumstances).

If you feel moved to make offerings (I have no idea why you would) I prefer the nectar of the goddess Corralejo, also know around here as TheC.

Adios for now,



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