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Quite compaining: Tamarindo is NOT so bad!

Posted by Enjoy life on December 29, 2007, 11:28 am, in reply to "Re: INVITATION TO CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAY SEASON"

You say how horrible el Tamarindo is, how they have made your life a living hell, and how they do nothing but make life bad here La Manzanilla.

lets see... El Tamarindo employees around 200 people. That means they are supporting about 200 local families in the area. Not to mention an additional 200 people (local families) they are employing during the current construction phase. Plus the millions of dollars they are pumping into the local economy and the taxes that they pay to the government from the hotel and real estate sales.

On top of all of that, the Tamarindo Master Plan calls for more than 70% of the project to be protected in conservation.

Sounds to me like they are a a horrible bunch.

Why do you have to attack a simple sales employee of the resort when she invites the people of La Manzanilla to a party at the exclusive resort?

I realize that the construction at Tamarindo makes the streets of La Manzanilla dusty and pot-holed. I realize that they are using huge amount of water (from wells that they legally purchased).

I agree that they should help clean up La Manzanilla, and they could play a bigger public roll in the development of La Manz... But why would they when everything they do is torn to bits and aggressively attacked by a few sour apples who do little or nothing for the progress of La Manzanilla on there own? How many people do you employee? How much revenue do you bring to the local economy?

Think about what you say, before attacking people.

No El Tamarindo is not the best neighbor in the world... but they are much better that what could have been. Just think, someone else could have put 10, 20, 30 thousand houses out there, polluting the whole area.

Don't complain just because you have nothing else to do.

I will NOT be attending the New Years Party at Tamarindo... but I am thankful that they have invited the people of la Manzanilla- despite the bad apples.


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