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Re: How great is that?

Posted by Daniel on January 18, 2008, 4:38 am, in reply to "Re: How great is that?"
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Since I've never had them I'll have to ask.

I asked Gilberto just to leave them be, he said that the vehicles on the beach would pack the sand too much for the turtles to get out when they are born. It seemed to me that he was digging through some pretty hard sand and rocks to get to them and the nest was only hours old. He said he was taking them to the turtle place down the beach. Seems like the only people who should dig them up is the conservation people, I think they made it there safe and I hope that the turtle population is at least holding it's own.

Some friends told stories of places up North where thousands of turtles come ashore to lay eggs, some of the turtles weighing hundreds of pounds! I also heard that there are places where it's illegal to have lights on at night during turtle season as it can confuse the hatchlings when they are born.

Actually I think the eggs real value is as an aphrodisiac. Perhaps the way to conserve the eggs is to #1 offer more money for them than the current market price, and or offer some free Viagra for every so many eggs. I have read stories about Viagra actually saving species that were threatened because of their sex related powers.

For me it was exciting to have a natural event like that happen so close to where I was sleeping / living. I heard a lady next door saw the turtle going back into the water. You can see the turtle tracks on the beach in the top photo. I thought that was pretty great. (Remember Janie Siskin? She was always saying "how great is that"?)

This bay that we are living on is so full of life! Turtles, Whales, Dolphins, tons of fish, lot's of different birds, it's great to know that places like this still exist.



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