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Re: Food Poisioning

Posted by Daniel on January 20, 2008, 4:50 am, in reply to "Re: Food Poisioning"

I had written this a few day's ago but did not put it on the board as I felt it best that this thread just pass on. But since it's back up on top I will post it, it's titled "What if".

What if a someone who got "food poisoning" at a restaurant put it on the local message board.

The restaurant post a response asking them what they had to eat, how long after they ate did they get ill? What did their friends have to eat and how long afterward did they get ill? They then ask the audience of the message board if anyone else has had any symptoms?

In the responses to the query it becomes known that everyone had a dish with ham in it. The ham is checked and found to be tainted. The restaurant goes to the supplier of the ham and say's that they were sold tainted food. The supplier tells them that they are the second person this week to complain about the ham. The wholesaler is contacted who then contacts the company or person who has the pig farm. The pig farmer says that he had other people complain and begins to check into what could be the source of the problem. They find that all the pigs that ate grain purchased from a certain farmer are the ones that are producing the complaints. The farmer is contacted, he researches the situation and finds that one of his ranch hands accidentally used a poison on the crop when it was being grown. Now the real source of the food poisoning has finally been found, the bad ham is recalled and many persons are saved from getting ill.

Truth is there is not a restaurant in the world that is not vulnerable to buying tainted food. No one test each and everything they buy.

Since there had never been a post on the message board about food poisoning the restaurant spoken about naturally went into a defensive position. Perhaps if people spoke up more often it would not be such a novelty and may prompt investigation which may in the end reduce occurrences in all restaurants. Perhaps we need more communication, not less.

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