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your opinion about vehicles on the beach

Posted by Dorrie on February 9, 2008, 7:36 pm

I have my own opinions, for sure: basically I really don't like to go walking with my dogs and have to watch out as 4x4's go past, along with cars trucks and motorcycles: some going at high speeds, many loaded down with passengers, some driven by children. For me the beach is not a road, period. Admittedly, the back road to Boca is temporarily washed out at the mouth of the lagoon, so it has become the new "Norm" to drive on the beach. Also, it seems many view the beach as the appropriate place for this type of "off road recreation"... though I noticed that the municipal police were stopping vehicles a 3 weeks back, when there were a lot of families crowding the beaches. (you can see the headlines: Child runs down Toddler with Parents' 4x4)

I've started going later, to avoid traffic, but even in the dark there are vehicles zooming by.

My question is: How do other people feel about vehicles? Does anyone else think it's spoiling the beach for pedestrians? What about that it's illegal in the first place? Are we all supposed to share the beach and get used to this? Any suggestions about constuctive action?

Over to you folks!


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