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Re: your opinion about vehicles on the beach

Posted by Hélèna on March 2, 2008, 7:32 am, in reply to "Re: your opinion about vehicles on the beach"
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What a bunch of waterheads, are you people for real??? after reading the continuing list of nonsense concerning all kinds of issues stemming from atv's on the beach, I have to ask what right do you have to do anything about any of it? I'm guessing that none of you are Mexican, and instead of being greatfull that you are allowed to live there, you feel the need to change things to you're liking.......that's real arrogance!!!!!! As to the original issue : people are riding their atv's on the beach because they want to; they don't need a road, because they are not going anywhere; they are riding for the fun of it; if the Mexican officials want to stop it they will!!........and D, as to your rude comment that I should not be in la Manzinilla.....thats a big 10-4.......your town is not to my liking along with the buch of idiots that seem to live there"


Hi Hélèna, since you refuse to identify yourself this post should (and still may) be removed. But for now it will remain as it seems to balance (and hopefully close) this thread.

Too bad you don't have the ability to take responsibility for your opinion, do you have any idea how many people have given their lives so you can express it?



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