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Posted by Debbie on March 16, 2008, 2:55 pm, in reply to "Sewer"

Enough of all of this!

Yes, the accoustics were bad but we did all we could to understand and be understood.

The ????? on the list of names and address of those who paid were names that I could not read on the receipts, since it was a carbon copy, but non the less it was a paid receipt.

Oswaldo also has a map with all the streets that have sewer lines in them and will be connected and charged. This map was at the meeting.

Tia you may reach Susana or I, my number is 3517299.

Here are some questions and answers that we have put together for and from the meeting.


1. Is the pump station ready? No – Electricity is not connected. The back up generator was delivered yesterday.

2. Is there a Sewage treatment plant? Yes. Where is it? Turn off Hwy. 200 towards Los Ingenos about 200 Meters later turn left and there you are.

3. Is there a pipe connecting the pump station to the plant? Yes.

4. Will residents be required to divert gray water from the street to the sewer? Yes

5. How will the system be tested? Yes. Who will pay if the test fails? We refer this question to Nacho (who never got to speak at the meeting).

6. What additional pipes will be installed before the test? 36 connections between Santana and Roceo’s Liquor Store will be installed as money ran out.

7. When must the actual house-to-sewer connections be completed? As soon as possible after the system is tested.

8. How will connection be enforced? La Huerta will assist in the enforcement.

9. Who is responsible for that connection and the cost? The land owner.

10. What if you are out of the country? Your caretaker must have authority to take care of it.

11. How will payment be enforced? La Huerta will assist in the enforcement.

12. When will the balance of the 1500 pesos be collected? When the pipe test ok and system is operational.

13. How can we be sure the money will be used only for this project? Susana is the treasurer.

14. What is the deadline for completion and operation? There is none, poco y poco.

That is all for now. I hope this information helps.


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