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Posted by Dorrie on May 7, 2008, 9:55 am, in reply to "Re: THE FACTS ON LA MANZ. WATER"

Wow! this is great - I'm hearing lots about El Tamarindo water that I hadn't heard before. A new stream...really? Brad, can you share more about this?

Silver, many people know more than I do about the ejido, but what I understand is: when NAFTA was made in 1991 all forms of land ownership were to be gradually reduced to one form - private. So all 3 countries would be the same, interchangeable in this aspect. All ejidos are converting to private, individualized ownership, in slow stages. Including here. The ejidos will only exist to govern the remaining common land. All other land parcels will belong to individuals, meaning the owners will have title. I think most ejidos will slowly sell off their remaining common land, and cease to exist in the future.

We have the additional law to deal with: nonMexicans may not own land within a certain distance of the coast...50km/35mi. ?? Something like that. I read somewhere that this law was made sometime after the 1910 revolution, as were the land reforms that created the ejidos. Daniel and others are clearer, but I think coastal ownership law is where "fidecomiso" comes in for us non nationals.


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