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real mexican traditions

Posted by camila on May 9, 2008, 10:48 am

Well I was not sure if I should post this or not but I would like to know if anybody is interested because an authentic mexican Chaman(related to Don Juan Matus for all of those who read the book)is thinking of paying me a visit and he is imparting a workshop, this is what it's about:

A matter of consciousness and energy

A workshop of Indigenous techniques for the development of consciousness

This workshop offers an approach to the training techniques inherited from the Mayan-Toltec Tradition. The so called Way of the Warrior in witch itís soul purpose is to dominate the beautiful art of living impeccably.

The authentic Mexicans, Grandfathers and beholders of this tradition have opened their doors of this ancestral knowledge with the objective of giving continuality trough those who look for a reason of being, with the guarantee that they will find different results; from something so elemental as health to something far more ambitious as TOTAL FREEDOM.

This workshop is dedicated to those seekers of that that canít be found, to the curious of the unknown, and most of all to the real Mexicans that for ever will be the continuality of this beautiful knowledge.

Fazes of the workshop:

PRESENTATION: The Altar of the Elementary, your place in the basic map of the Ancestors.

PREPARATION EXCERSICES: Energy and Consciousness, opening your senses without fearing the unknown.

TEMAZCAL: The Divine Wound, rebirth to begin you quest.

UNBLOCKING: Free your fears, face your self.

HEALING TECHNIQUES: The Balance with Nature, a magical agreement with the kingdom of plants.

Silvestre Ovando (representative and direct inheritor of the Mayan-Toltec tradition)
please let me know if anybody is interested it's a lifetime exprience... I asure you....


P.S. to contact me call cel: 3151074153


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