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Lucky 2

Posted by julie on May 20, 2008, 9:58 pm

Very recently many of us were fortunate to meet a very sweet dog that "showed up" on the beach about 3 weeks ago. He was clean, well fed, neutered, collared and very happy. Many of us assumed he had an owner that was nearby.
On Monday he was killed by a Crocodile as he walked along the edge of the lagoon.
I was told this afternoon that this dog was Lucky2. His owners have been back in California for the past several weeks and left Lucky2 in the care of someone here in La Manz.
I talked to Lucky's owner just a few minutes ago and had to tell them the bad news. They are heartbroken.
Let's please learn a few things from this tragedy.
1)If you must leave your animals while you travel please make sure they have collars with some kind of Identification on them.
2)Have dogs that are not staying at their own homes tied or enclosed at the "keepers" home.
3)These crocs are faster than anything.They seem big and lazy, but I'm sure we have all seem the nature films of them striking. Keep your dogs as far away from them as possible. They consider dogs "food" since, I hate to say it, they have been fed dogs more than anyone would like to think about.
Rusty and I think that we lost our first Border Collie,Wylie, to a croc 8 years ago. He loved to play with the kids on the beach like Cisco.
My heart goes out to Lucky's owners. It's so hard to lose a friend this way.


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