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Posted by D on May 20, 2008, 11:01 pm, in reply to "Lucky 2"
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Thanks Julie for that post. Those gators are dangerous to small animals or small children. Here is a link to a story about the death of a child by a gator. This article say's he child was standing on the bank of the river at the time of the attack.

The Guadalajara Reporter say's he was swimming in the river.


I had the privilege of spending the last 24 hours or so with Lucky 2 before he died. I met him Saturday at the back of the office when he came to know Lover (my dog). It was an immediate bond.

He spent most of the day in my office on Sunday sleeping soundly by my chair, like he was home. Later we went for a walk on the beach with Lover and Laura (staying at Casa Tortuga). I gave him Taco's for dinner and he slept on the beach behind the office Sunday night.

Monday morning he greeted me as I awoke and hung out in the office in the pre dawn early morning. Then greeted me again after dawn, then I lost track of him.

Carol Lopez and a lady came to my office Monday morning speaking of a dog who had just been taken by a gator right in front of this lady.

She said that she had gotten off the bus from Melaque near the front of my office and met Lucky 2. He followed her down the beach. As they were going around the lagoon area she noticed that a gator which was about 15 feet away had shown interest in Lucky 2. She called Lucky to her saying "puppy, puppy" and by the time she had time to say the third puppy the gator lunged and in an instant took Lucky by the head an he was gone!

She was pretty freaked out, crying as she told the story, blown away by how quick the gator covered the distance, how accurately he took lucky by the head and how quickly he was gone. She said that Lucky did not suffer at all, that it all happened in an instant.

I knew by her description of the dog that it was the same dog that I (and many others) had bonded with recently. He was so loving and special, really special. I mentioned that at least he had a really good last 24 hours.

I asked her to send me an email or to post the story on the message board so as to give meaning to Lucky’s life in the warning of others to never under estimate the agility of the gators. She assured me that she would. I never heard from her again.

That afternoon Lucky was on my mind, more than I thought he would be. I was sad inside, as if some force of goodness had been removed from the planet. The depth of my feelings surprised me since I had only been close to him for a short time.

I have always known that dog's hold a special place in my heart, a place they gain from never wavering in their love. I think its' called unconditional love, in fact I am sure that's what it's called.

I compared this loss with what others have and are experiencing daily around the planet. Loss of loved ones of all kinds, wives, husbands, lovers, children, family. It's amazing how much an event like this (or worse) brings us to the place of truth where we realize just how fragile the place of peace, the world we live in really is. How death connects us to life, and life connects us to death and in the vortex is the day we live and experience. How fragile we are.

Adios to you Lucky 2, and thank you.



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