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Re: Tropical Storm Douglas......

Posted by D on July 2, 2008, 11:06 pm, in reply to "Tropical Storm Douglas......"
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I think we lucked out on this one.

I am feeling I need to say something about basic awareness.

While it seems at this point that the worst is behind us, there were lots of looky loo's but few, very few helpers. It seemed like most people were from LA or something (it's the best metaphor I can use for someone completely out of touch).

Loka Laura (not sure where she is) still has most of her tables and chairs but for the grace of God. Instead of moving her tables and chairs out of harms way people just watched the waves.

Luckily I was prepared and had plywood in the door's to keep the water out (that was unknown to most). As I was going out onto the beach (in dangerous conditions)with for sale signs (the only available plywood at the moment) to nail them up over an open window I actually had one person ask me if I was going surfing. How out of touch with reality, with what is actually happening at that moment can you get?

It matters not that they specifically didn't care or were out of touch with my situation, but there were many others struggling at that moment. Most thought it was just something to watch, it wasn't them so let's socialize.......

Such detachment, makes me wonder just what they were thinking, or more correctly not thinking.

Not sure what else there is to say but felt I had to say something. I am probably as guilty of detachment in other situations as those whom I am speaking about, that does not change the need to bring it up.

Perhaps we could use the message board as a means to direct assistance to those who need help.

Help first, videos later eh?



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