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Re: Tenacatita article

Posted by Siegfried on July 7, 2008, 2:35 pm, in reply to "Re: Tenacatita article"

wow...and scott thought this was so boring
i am surprised at the 'activity' here, and it looks like we all can learn a thing or two about real estate in this part of the world. it also is clear now that tenacatita is maybe a place and rebalsito an ejido to stay away from. re celtic: i think it is save to buy a lot or a house here in la manzaniila, usually the paperwork is done within a week, correct daniel ? now larry litton had a very good point in regards to attaching/registering with the ejido any legal trust agreement or the like in case a presto nombre arrangement exists. from what i hear the presto nombre arrangement does not seem to be legal or existing according to federal mx law ?! now i also 'hear' from some sources that foreigners can own land here, i have not as yet researched that part.
in reply to julieann: santana has in effect done absolutely nothing to resolve these issues, "everything is in the works " is his/their comment, which by now we all know is nothing but stalling tactics, to have a 'cesion de derechos' done takes a few days. ...offered to refund me some money, wow...does water flow uphill ? wait til you read the next 'chapter'
re: lawyers here, a disaster, in this area there is no one that even remotely is specialising or fully competent in real estate. anything we know
from up north does not work here, we did seek
all sorts of legal council and we do have a reasonably good team in place now, and several approaches are 'working' right now, but speed is something else here.


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