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Posted by Brady on June 26, 2008, 12:16 am, in reply to "SANTANA REAL ESTATE NIGHTMARE, part I"


I am sorry to hear of your problems with getting legitimate paper on investment you made with Joe. I also know of others in similar situations.
I would like to make the observation that these transactions were outside normal "Santana Realty" operations. They were !!!highly speculative!!! in nature. These were not properties marketed in the normal matter. Usually terms were made between the purchaser, Joe, and the "seller" in an informal manner.
I do not think it fair you trash the Santana Realty company for these complaints on land speculation deals.
Believe me Sieg I understand your frustration with the situation. If you feel you need to trash Joe that is up to you. I just feel if your going to air this then be complete in the facts.
Yes Joe is an enthusiastic salesman, but it is the buyers responsibility to be prudent with their money. What did you think of Lito when you met? Did he seem like an upstanding young man who just liked to ware sunglasses all the time, and drive a sports car.
If Joe is not able secure these transactions in the long run then shame on Joe, but those who invested with him are not without responsibility.



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