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Posted by siegfried on June 29, 2008, 5:06 pm, in reply to "Re: SANTANA REAL ESTATE NIGHTMARE, part I"

Hola smitty
You are raising some very good and valid points, let us discuss them one by one…
SPECULATIVE real estate wheels in mexico
Smitty, I bought for properties and now ( since july of last year) I want the proper papers
for those properties, is that speculative ? the only speculation I can think of is the hope that the value of those properties goes up. anyone who has bought property here knows that the papers, usually a constancia/session de derechos is issued by the ejido and it takes about a week .
Maybe you are right, I may have been a tad too patient, i waited from july ‘til September to see results, and only at the end of October did I decide on…”no progress” as you put it
and started to pursue alternatives. I was disappointed and later on disgusted, not stomping mad. Disgusted because I found out that I was lied to, that lito was not an ejido member at the time, and that I bought and paid for his ejido seat without anybody telling me, and that this family “ownership” was bogus.
Let us face it : if joe had done his job before end of October, everyone would have been happy…he would have an interest in 4 properties, (I would never have found out that such partnership is ILLEGAL) lito would be happy because I bought him an ejido seat without me knowing ( which he has to give up now !) and I would be happy because I could negotiate the properties to generate some income, which of course was the idea in the first place.
I hope that the foregoing did fill in the missing parts for you

…and stand by everyone for part II, soon to come…


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