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Posted by esmitty on June 30, 2008, 3:29 pm, in reply to "Re: SANTANA REAL ESTATE NIGHTMARE, part I"

1) I am not accusing Siegfried of BSing anyone.

2) I believe the presta nombre system of property ownership is illegal. It is common, but illegal, ie not recognized in Mexican law. Perhaps D can shed some light on this, or perhaps he's better off leaving this thread alone.

3) I find it curious that the Santanas are not responding to these allegations. OTOH, I probably would not either, if I were in Joe's shoes. Nonetheless, there is a clear attempt (right or wrong) to sully his reputation, and his reputation is how he does business, so one might logically expect a response from him.

4) I don't know whether Lito is a charlatan, or worse. The buzz I have always gotten is that it is difficult to do business with the Rebalcito ejido. In a US transaction, a broker would need to disclose a fact such as this. I do not believe Mex RE agents are so constrained.

5) I still believe Santana, or someone equally respected and informed is your best way out. Although my suspicion is that door may no longer be open.

Good luck to both.


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