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Posted by Siegfried on July 4, 2008, 9:07 am

Ok folks here is the next episode, but I would like to point out to you folks out there,
You need to carefully watch all real estate transactions regardless who the real estate broker is
There are pitfalls and one needs to be more prudent and less trusting than I was.

Now we are going to October of 2006. I have bought a lot in the palmeras of tenacatita.
On this one Santana real estate received 10% commission and another 10% supposedly for miscellaneous payments to the ejido. At the time I did receive a copy of the
constancia de cesion de derechos that shows a map and the colindancias ( bordering properties ). The lot I bought had beach access and bordered lot # 128 according to the constancia.
Then last winter we received a title that could be transferred into our name, so – wow- it’s not all bad !…well after the initial euphoria had worn off, and at closer inspection of the title and borders it became obvious that the title was only for a part of the lot that I had bought, the most important feature of the property, the beach access and a fair sized chuck of land was missing, something in the order of 40% .it is not yet quite clear how this is/was possible and accomplished, “all of a sudden “ according to the title document,
a new property was ‘introduced’ between #128 and ours, and that new piece has my beach access on it. …very interesting, no ?! this discrepancy is currently being investigated and of course I will share the out come of this issue and the others with you.
But as it stands today I would have lost not only approx. 40% of the land but also the very valuable, actually the most valuable part and feature of the property I bought/paid for, the beach access.


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