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Posted by Daniel on July 5, 2008, 11:59 am, in reply to "Re: SANTANA REAL ESTATE NIGHTMARE part II"

Scott said

"IMO (in my opinion) its ONLY your fault for not getting the documents when you bought".

Siegfried said

"At the time I did receive a copy of the constancia de cesion de derechos that shows a map and the colindancias ( bordering properties ). The lot I bought had beach access and bordered lot # 128 according to the constancia".


So not having documents is not the situation here.

The official Ejido surveyor (consejo de vigilancia) is supposed to go out and visually verify and measure the property lines at the time of sale to be sure it matches the Constancia. Not sure if that happened or not.

I once was selling a vacant lot and was all the way to doing the creation of the Constancia with the buyers in the Ejido office all ready to go. The Ejido discovered that the property being sold did not coincide with the property shown and the deal fell through. The buyers were pissed off, I was embarassed but the integrity and vigilance of the Ejido showed through, and in the end it is that which is important.

When the property does not match the Constancia it could be an honest mistake or something less than that.

It is important to understand that this property Sigfried is speaking of is located in the Ejido of Rebalsito, not the Ejido of La Manzanilla. I believe the property described in part I was of the Ejido of Arroyo Secco. Integrity and consistency of the Ejido is one of the reasons La Manzanilla is growing and other Ejido’s are struggling.

When situations like Sigfried's occur (and they have happened even in the best Ejido's) it is up to the Ejido to find a way to correct the situation fairly to all involved. Hopefully that correction is still forth coming.

Adios for now,



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