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Posted by Larry Litton on July 6, 2008, 10:19 pm, in reply to "Re: SANTANA REAL ESTATE NIGHTMARE part II"

Hi, question to Dobie, what title do you have? Does it say "Title" on it? or "Titelo" or what ever? Are you a Mexican citizen? Everyone talks about"Presta Nombre" agreements, no such thing, against the constitution! You can only have a "Power of Attorney", your "will" and a mexicans "will" who's name is on "their" paper. They own the land, you hold the "power" over the land. The mexican who owns the land needs a "will" recognizing your power of attorney over the land and grant those rights.

These papers should be attached to your(their) papers in the ejido office! They should not allow the sale if they are attached.

A Notario will print and stamp any document you want, try taking "Title to the Moon" to a notario and ask how much he will charge you to sign it! Do you own the moon?

A local Notario charged me 15000 pesos for papers when I bought land, I had to do some revisions, but was in Colima so I went to a local Notario. The total charge was 1500 pesos! When I told him I payed 15000 for the same stuff he asked "Did you go to xxxx xxx close to you?"

I tried to buy land in Rebalsito years ago, they were so screwed up then, I decided to buy in La Manz, that may or may not have been a wise decision. We'll see.


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