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Re: Santana real estate nightmare part III

Posted by Siegfried on August 2, 2008, 6:16 pm, in reply to "Re: Santana real estate nightmare part III"

hey danko, i do remember that we had some beers together, and reading your post here is sad, because it becomes obvious that you either did not read the stories completely and properly or that you are short on comprehension, despite your 29 years of real estate experiences.nowhere are there any accusations, it is, by legal necesity, a simple , straight forward account of events.about your sense of adventure and humor, why not hand me a quarter million dollars and after a year or two we check on your smile ?!
...about your legal experience, if the same thing had happend in canada, the US or germany
joe santana and lito would be in jail for quite some by now for the criminal actions and a massive private law suite would be in process or already finished, mexico however works, as i find out, differently and at a very ,frustratingly slow speed....and i guess that is the price i have to pay for trusting a 'good friend' instead of using my usual business sense.
i am also at a loss where you get the idea of me being a developer, i am a retired working stiff and i bought land with my life savings to be used like a savings account to "liquify" one piece or another when
needed, very far removed from the fast buck operators that you speak of. and of course we are all astute enough to know that not all santana transactions can be ripp-off schemes , this is the "privilege" of carefully selected people.


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