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Re: SYPE call to Mexico cell phone

Posted by Bud on August 15, 2008, 4:12 pm, in reply to "Re: SYPE call to Mexico cell phone"

Navigating the Mexico telephone system is an exercise in futility.
Lets take it from the top.
When you dial 01 in mexico (for long distance) the '0' accesses the long distance system and the "1" is the first number of the telephone number you are calling. It works the same in the US, only you just dial the "1"
To call outside the country in the US you dial 011. The "011" is to access the out-of-country system, then there is the country code, then the number (without the '1', the '01 in Mexico or the '0' in the uk).
In Mexico you dial 001, getting you to the out-of-country system, then you dial the country code. For the US and Canada, the country code is '1'. That's why you just dial "xxx-xxx-xxxx". You've already dialed it when you did 001.
There's no way the Mexican system will recognize 044 or 045 in the middle of a telephone number, so you just can't get to a cell phone from outside Mexico. At least that's been my experience, although the phone rates on my Earthlink setup in the US will charge me a rate of 16 cents a minute for reaching a cell phone in Mexico. (It's 6 cents otherwise). It's just that I've never been able to access a Mexican cell phone from the US.
I think the reason is that the land line system and the cell phone system are not integrated closely here. And there is just no way to get the land line system (telmex) to recognize the 044 or 045 numbers in the middle of a call from outside the country to a cell phone (telcel).
And if anyone can do it, e-mail me with the steps to take. PLEASE.


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