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Posted by John James on August 15, 2008, 10:24 pm

Please find this greeting as an introduction to our fairly new organization, The Costalegre Rotary Club, meeting in Melaque every Rooster's Restuarant...on 9AM.

We are the Costalegre Rotary Club..right here...We are less than one year old, and are very busy finding ways to do several things...

Mostly, we are about transfering donated cash into 'good works'...finding great ways to move money from where it might be where it might just get to work in our area.

like helping the environment.

And, as an local organization, we are also about having the best time we can have, as a group...

We are a developing a bunch of... local citizen members [nationals],... and local [how do i say this??...]folk who come here and stay[expats?]...and the rest who enjoy coming to our meetings and participating with us when they vacation here [snowbirds]??...

[whew]...god, i hate this part of trying to describe the least, we have 28 MEMBERS...paid their dues, and that makes our club bigger than the Manzanillo club by three.

Actually, we have many Rotarians from other clubs joining us when they enjoy the region...from up north and here in Mexico...Rotarians are encouraged to meet every matter where they are.

As an international organization, we cooperate with global efforts...

and down here, we are mostly focused on the little stuff...

like installing curtains in the school in Lazaro Cardenas, where the kids couldn't see their computer screens...

or like rebuilding the kitchen in the barrio school in Barra where the gals are serving 400 children every school day! 400!...we bought them a new stove, and some shelves, and some tiles for the counter...etc., and, their kitchen now cooks better...,

or like spending our proceeds from our annual 'Chile Cook Off' on fabric for the kids' costumes dancing in the 'Ballet Folklorico' in Barra...

or when we bought the Central Salud in Barra a new and very basic washing machine, so the place could wash their laundrey and the nurse wouldn't threaten her own family with infection when she took the sheets and towels home to wash...

That's what we're up to in our first year, ...and we'd like your help.

Your village is well involved with the 'good works'...

You have the pet sterilization project that draws folk from the north and the south of La Manz...and you have La Catalina Foundation that is going to deliver some of the best addative educational opportunitives the area could ever imagine...our club is very impressed.

We are now assuming that the Rotary Club in the area can be an interested and be an added participant in not only you village, but in the surrounding area.

And, we need you help and participation.

Pretty simple.

Costalegre Rotary Meets every Wednesday, rain or shine, at Rooster's in Melaque.

John Jankovsky
Vice President...and I approved this message


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