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Posted by D on August 16, 2008, 8:16 pm, in reply to "Re: I hope to cri...."

Hi Helga,

"can anybody tell me the good side of it?"

Now there is a good question. Considering what you look for you find, what exactly is there to find when we look for the good side of it?

Perhaps the floats that go by each evening, each depicting a scene that is representative of an event in the history of the Catholic faith. Mostly there are children on them and they are precious in an of themselves. Each evening I go out front of the office to watch it go by, the kids are adorable, the event itself a sign of the time, a time I love.

Perhaps the inspiration it gives those of faith. Giving meaning to life, helping them through the struggles. The belief in life eternal and all that comes from that.

Perhaps the fiesta each evening at the Jardin. The times for the family’s to gather amongst friends, to share a moment in a common purpose. Watching the fireworks in the rain last evening I had s sense of being extremly fortunate, lucky to be in a part of the world which is at peace, which has not legislated itself into a standstill, where one can still live life.

Perhaps for the young children to have a place to interact with each other, to flirt, to learn about who they are in the scheme of things in a setting without fear.

Perhaps the whole event, all nine day's of it could just be summarized into an exhibition of freedom. They do it because they can and that is reason enough. From where I come from the whole thing would never happen just because of the fing red tape.

Anyone else care to add what they see as the good side of fiesta de Agusto?

Actually if you look for the negative there is only one, and that is only for some, and that is the noise from the fireworks.

One negative point and that is only to some, as compared to numerous good points and still counting. Who needs to learn what?



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