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Posted by D on August 16, 2008, 9:08 pm, in reply to "Re: I hope to cri...."
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Kind of got my head going on this, not necessarily a good thing. I am going to use some English on this post, it's not like its something you don't hear in almost every movie you see so bear with me a bit.

Imagined scenario

Person A (local adult of faith)

5 am. BOOM goes the fireworks.


Ah, another morning of Fiesta de Agusto! Another morning where I get to show my love for God and Christ in public more than I can do on an average day. It's a great life!

Person B (child of 15 years old)

5 am. BOOM! goes the fireworks


Cool, all I have to do is text my way through this day and it's PARTY TIME!

Person C (uptight person)

5 am. BOOM! goes the fireworks


Mother f_ck, gawd damn, that scared the shit out of me and my dogs! gawd dam those F ing fireworks anyway, I F ing hate this shit, I hate when my dogs are afraid.

Dog notes

My dog Lover also hates the fireworks, she is terrified of them and runs into the bathroom.

But dog's key off our emotions, I think anyone into dogs knows that.

I have worked with my level of stress in regards to the fireworks. I know that in part the fireworks are showing me that while I may like to think I am a chilled out Mexican I still have some stuff in the closet that needs to be dealt with. So a little secret blessing, the fireworks show me I still have a tension I was not aware of (actually I was).

As I handle it better and better so does Lover (my dog). When she gets afraid I talk to her in a normal tone of voice, reassuring her that she is safe and perfectly justified in her hating the noise. Recently I accidentally ended up on the street with her right next to the parade and where they were lighting off the fireworks. The stick from the fireworks were literally hitting Lover in the head. It seems like she is getting used to them. Near the last day's she would not run to the bathroom. She would be alert and breath heavily but stay where she was. She was keying off me in part, the more I got used to it the more she did.



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