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Re: I hope to cri....

Posted by Don Binkley on August 17, 2008, 6:39 am, in reply to "Re: I hope to cri...."

Well noise is a bad thing for the tiny nerves in your ear. I can attest to that...I got tennitus because of rocknroll.

But hey it was worth it. Jimi H. said after playing thru a Marshall Plexi-full stack....that was cool so let's add another stack. It's kinda like when I was 21, I really got off on his version of the Star Mangled Banter and that had lots of "bombs" init even tho they were electronic the SPL (sound pressure level in decibels) was just the same...that was what he was tryin to do. We most of us of Woodstock generation got off on that....god forbid that I lose that and just become a cranky ol' fart when I hear a bunch of noise that is from a celebration...even I think when that cat in the pimped up honda prelude is next to me at a redlite and his little ride is bouncing up and down to the twin 15 inch rear sub-woofers in his trunk and yep his ears are probably bleedin but he's having his party...I remind myself not to get pissed off. It's cool. dbink


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