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The Ocean

Posted by D on August 23, 2008, 8:32 pm, in reply to "Re: Tropical Depression 11-E"

Well it seems we had enough rain to make the entry to the Rio (the place in front of what used to be called Casa Diaz (new owners Dave and Jeanieís near Martin's )) open up. I did not go down and actually check but could tell that it had.

This morning the ocean was clear for a time, it had recovered from the opening of the Lagoon to being close to normal. Somewhere around 9 am the ocean (in front of the office) changed to a brown color, typical of the color of the water which comes from the Rio. I guess it would be called Rio Brown.

Now the Lagoon water (brackish) is about 1,000 yards off shore, way out past the rock with all the bird shit on it (Bird Shit Rock?). Between the shore and BS rock is a 60 / 40 mix of regular ocean and Rio brown. Sorry no pics, perhaps tomorrow.

I am fascinated by the ocean, it changes so often. Most of the year it's the "world class" beach. Perfect sand, good water, wave size and graduality of depth. Perfect for families, bike riding, long easy walks and most of whatever else one may want to do. Then after April as the storms begin passing off shore it changes and the rocks appear and disappear. I pretty much understand why they appear, the big waves eat away the sand. I donít know why, suddenly without any apparent change the rocks disappear and the beach is sandy again. I would love to have some ocean specialist explain what is happening out in the ocean. To explain why the rocks come and go, why the temperature changes, why the Lagoon water is now way out there.

It's nice to have the time to have such thoughts be forefront in ones mind.

That's La Manzanilla in the off season.

Aren't we lucky!

viva la Corralejo y Mexico



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