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Posted by Krug on September 1, 2008, 12:38 pm, in reply to "I hope to cri...."

My dear Jean, I have never seen any bomb exploding in La Manzanilla, it's not Iraq where you can't sleep due the bombs noise. Don't you celebrate 4th of July and burn some fireworks too????
Now, don't use your pet as an excuse to complain about the fireworks; if you really like dogs, why don't you take care of all the street dogs of La Manzanilla or do something about them????
Now, let me tell you that according to INEGI, about 74.612.000 people in Mexico are Catholics and I think YOU SHOULD RESPECT other people's religion!!!! You just CAN'T go to another country and change things to the way you like!!!
Don't show how ignorant, intolerant and inept you are by complaining about something where you have no words to say something. Look, it's easy like this, if you don't like it and want a quite place, then just look for another place and go there or if you like home better, then go back home and you won't have to deal with this!!
Now, to that person who thinks giving money to poor families is a better idea, start with yourself by respecting an old tradition of a community where you don't belong!!! or should I ask you first if you know what a tradition is?? Itís a community activity where everyone enjoys it. Probably you donít get it because you might not know what a community activity is. Probably you think having money will make people happier. Come on, letís face it, thatís not a better idea but another argument to complain about the fireworks noise.

It's just 9 days and you can do something to deal with it!! honestly you just can't change something that is centuries old. If you are unable to get used to another culture, then honestly go back home where you don't have to deal with traditions and be offensive when you complain about it.

I really appreciate and welcome people that are open to new cultures and invite them to participate in all the community activities!!!


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