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Re: Hypogonadism

Posted by Brian Johnson on September 2, 2008, 12:57 pm, in reply to "Hypogonadism"

Whatever the cause, be it gonadal or adenoidal,supraphysiological or hypogonadismal,I agree with Daniel, Mokita, Carol, and anyone else who feels that intolerance and aggression are never good things.

Tolerance and understanding transcend gender boundaries,dissolve social and cultural barriers and generally make the planet a cheerier place to hang out.

This message board is an incredible resource and an invaluable forum for spirited discussion (and argument)And a rich source of entertainment that does a very good job of staying above the level of personal attack.

I know I drag a lot of cultural baggage with me to Mexico. But as a guest, the two pieces I try hardest to leave at the border are aggression and intolerance.

A healthy, aggressive intolerance of intolerance and aggression should leave plenty of room on the board for health/sex issues.


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