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Posted by D on September 9, 2008, 10:31 am, in reply to "Re: Still raining!......."

Sometime around Saturday the ocean started to do this reverse wave thing, i.e. there was a wave going out and a wave coming in. Sometimes they would meet and make a big upward splash.

Sunday night the waves were big, with a high tide of 10:30 pm. I took everything off the patio just in case some rogue waves did a repeat of what happened recently.

Monday morning revealed the chocolate brown ocean you spoke of Deanna. The waves had come up a little past Loka Laura's and made a mess but nothing really bad.

A friend of mine said that Boca has rocks exposed (like we do at times) and that the reverse wave thing was happening down there big time. That reverse action thing seems to have died down here at the South end of the beach.

The sand is back for the most part, had some good Frisbee on the beach last night.

The waves seemed to be coming in more from the north and while still big not quite so threatening in the distance they come up toward the office.

This morning about the same, judging by the satellite track of the hurricane off shore (which has been producing these waves) things should really start to calm down later today. It's been fun to watch.


This slow constant rain reminds me of a couple of years ago (right about the time of the hurricane that went by). After a two day slow soaking we had a good one hour down pour and all hell broke loose.

I have the feeling we are in about the same situation at this moment, a good hard rain and it will quickly turn into a sliding mess.

Now is a good time to see the waterfalls along the road to Melaque but also a time to be extra careful about falling rocks on that road.

Life is good, I could do this time of year for about 10 years non stop (if the money held out). Talk about slow, low stress living, this is it.



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