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Posted by Don Binkley on September 11, 2008, 3:10 pm, in reply to "Re: NOBAMA!"

Hey Mike, do you work for an oil co? First, most US based oil industry don't want to drill at all. It is too expensive to drill here and sell in the open market, perhaps when the hedge fund traders got oil up to $155 a barrel, it was possible for them to drill-kinda like shooting yourself in the foot-yes?

If the US opens up offshore drilling and we drill here in New Mexico and also Colorado in the National Forests, then the oil goes into the oil pool and is sold off to the highest bidder...there's no law that says our oil stays here, just like there's no law that says our timber stays here...China is willing to outbid us on all this stuff because guess what-they got more $$$ than the USA, also we owe them billions as they bought up all our T-bills.

Only person who really has a good idea about energy to save us from the horse and buggy is T-Boone because if we drill for gas it will most likely stay in North America and I include Mexico here...Canada has plenty of gas also probably biggest reserves in the world and hey it's clean fuel. So I don't know what you drive but along with voting for a natural gas policy, throw out your carburetor and stick in a natural gas system, will pay for itself in about a years' driving.

I don't mind speaking about energy, but please misterM lets not have US politics that do not apply to LaManzanilla or Mexico on the board.


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