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As "promised"

Posted by Daniel Lee on September 20, 2008, 9:35 pm, in reply to "Re: Maria Asuncion pavers?"

Hi Tim, Bink and others,

I did a "walk about" (as they say in England) and got some photos. Unfortunately the motivation
of last evenings post (the sun beneath the Tenacatita palms) did not happen this evening
(I will post what did happen later) but I did get some of the beach, the lagoon and the road.

Standing in front of Kate's looking South. Kate just got back to LM today, I saw her on the beach,
she looks good and seems happy.

Looking North, that's my Love Dog just right of center. More rocks than South but walk able.

Where the Lagoon continues to drain into the ocean. You can see the sand begin to pile up (on the left)
I bet the ocean blocks it up in the next day or so. I have never seen the Lagoon open as much as it has
been this year. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of your window if you can't see the whole photo.

Another shot of the Lagoon.

Coming off the beach toward the road first thing you see is the fountain, it used to be on the corner
by the pool hall but now is here. I have no idea of how they are going to get all of this water into the
sewer system, but I have also never asked.

You see the machinery in the distance.. It's happening!

This is the first day that the grader has not been blocking this part of the road. I bet the owners
of the stores on this section are pretty happy about now.

The road is still covered with sand so you can't really see the cement tracks for the cars. But if
you look close you can see that the left wheels of the blue car are on the cement where the right
wheel of the traffic is supposed to go. Not sure how this is going to work out, they did the same
thing in Melaque. The only way I can see it working as planned is if they were to ban parking on
Maria Asuncion. I guess Gustavo would be the one to ask on this.

Calle Concha Molida looking toward the hills.

Just a shot to show the cement methods

Looking back, that huge machine and a grader sit there every day, kind of over kill
(seems a smaller machine would work) and probably pretty expensive.
But hey, what the hell do I know? (not much).

The sleepy town which I love so much. Sometimes I look out the office door and feel like I am in
the Twilight Zone, makes you want to mutter a weak "hello, is anyone here?"

The place next to Jolanda's. They tore down the old home that was there about eons ago. I have
some photos of them doing that somewhere.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.

Viva la Mexico y La Manzanilla!



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