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Re: money in Mexican banks

Posted by curious on September 23, 2008, 3:58 pm, in reply to "Re: money in Mexican banks"

Equities? You gotta be kidding! You sound like my knuckleheded broker friends.(they don't call'em brokers for nothing) Take no offense, I refer to all my dear republican friends as knuckleheads, and some of my dems too. It's a term of enderment.

These guys all read from the same script "equities are the best hedge against inflation and have proven over time to transcend these little financial hic-cups." Yeah right...blah, blah,blah. Oh! my favorite line
"you can't time the market"

There are several banks with strong management, fiscal and monetary policies. Unfortunately or more to the point fortunately their exposure is limited in the U.S. and almost non-existant in Mexico.

In these uncertain times the best we can hope for is to try to keep pace with inflation. It ain't easy!

Bring 10k each time you enter Mexico. Why even mess with Mexican banks? Don't be afrid! if you look like a victim, you surly will become one.
think about it,have you been so socially engineered to believe your not responsible enough to take care of your own money. It's even worst when you need an ATM to dole it out in $100 increments.
Then the banks have enough huervos to charge you for the privilege
Sometimes things are upside down.


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