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Posted by D on October 11, 2008, 11:28 pm, in reply to "Last (?) Odile update"
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This is technical notes, may not interest most.

Trying to find La Fortuna

Googled - La Fortuna Mexico - got a few of them, one in Baja, one in Chiapas etc.

Googled - La Fortuna JALISCO Mexico - got this map clicked + five times then clicked "satellite" and zoomed in a couple more times. La Fortuna is located on the turn off to El Tecuan (the old abandoned Hotel where the air strip used to be) and Shangri La. It may be the official name of that beach?

One of the links on the Google page had some coordinates of 19 19' 0 N, Longitude: 104 55' 0

I looked it up on the Data Base using the">Latitude / Longitude query It kept rejecting the numbers, it seems the numbers above are Degrees/ Minutes/Seconds and the Database wants decimals.

I went to This conversion site, put in the D/S/M it gave me the decimal Latitude 19.316666666666666 / Longitude 104.91666666666667.

I put that into the Data Base, it did not work. So I changed the converter to West of Greenwich and got -104.91666666666667 (negative sign in front of number).

I edited those numbers down to 19.31 and -104.91 and entered that into the Data Base leaving all the other settings at default and got a map with a lot of lines on it and a star where La Fortuna was located. I zoomed in and got the image below. Since the Data Base does not small roads on it, the results did not help much with the actual location. Google map wins on the location but check all those lines near us on the data base! Yikes.

The error with the numbers from the Google Search was the longitude should have had a W on the end of it i.e. 104 55' 0 W (a negative in the decimal world) actually it was on the next line and I just missed copying it.

I went to Google Earth (which likes Degrees/Minutes/ Seconds) and put 1919'0N,10455'0W in the "fly to" box and it went right to La Fortuna. I copied this one but don't know what I would do if I had to type this anyone know where it is on the keyboard?



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