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Posted by Julie and Christine on October 27, 2008, 1:37 pm

We found Truper in early September. He was on the beach with a horribly mangled hind leg. It was swollen and the bones were sticking out and it was bleeding. We checked around and people said it had been like that for a month! He was used to walking on his 3 good legs, dragging the injured one as he scavenged for food. He was very thin, almost skeletal. We took him to the vet and attempted to treat the injury, but after about a week we decided that the best treatment would be to amputate the limb. The vet did a great job, and the day after his surgery Truper was frisky and frolicking on the beach. Throughout his ordeal, he never whimpered or cried or fussed. He is a real trouper, so that is what we named him.

We think he is around a year old. He is playful and friendly to people and other dogs. He loves to play on the beach and swim in the lagoon. He runs very fast on the 3 legs. He has such an amazing spirit, such a will to live. That is why we want to find him a really loving home. We think he deserves it!

He completed a course of antibiotic treatment and also has his vaccinations. He has filled out and is a beautiful animal. Attached are some photos of Truper, and also one of the wounded leg (caution--it is graphic!)



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