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Speaking of crocs

Posted by Christina on October 27, 2008, 6:39 pm, in reply to "Re: Trouper"

Maybe this is normal, but yesterday I went to see the crocodiles with some friends who were visiting from out of town. One very large one was in the street, near where the water is bubbling out of the cement manhole cover. The guy selling wooden crocodiles said this was the daily routine. I'd never seen it, but I don't go by that often.

While there, I saw a guy throwing fish at the crocodile in the street, attempting to lure him further and further from the mangrove. The guy and his girlfriend later got in their car and drove away, leaving behind several fish in the street where a large crocodile was hanging out. The whole thing seemed like a bad situation...crocodile on the "wrong" side of the fence, lots of people walking down the street taking kids to and from the beach on a Sunday afternoon...

I was hoping the local police or someone would come by and not only deal with what was going on (assuming there was something someone would do...I don't know the crocodile rules or who enforces them). As the fish-throwing guy was leaving I asked if he was from La Manz (no) and mentioned that the crocodiles are dangerous and have been known to eat dogs. I got a completely blank look and left it at that, reminding myself I am a guest in this country - if I want to fix something I can go home and find a long list of challenges in need of solutions.

If anyone knows that there is someone in La Manzanilla with crocodile oversight and who wants to be contacted in the event of someone feeding them / harassing them, please let me know in case I see something like this again.


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