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Posted by D on November 6, 2008, 4:27 am, in reply to "Re: YES"
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"what`s with every one...he`s a man.... not GOD!!"

Part of the excitement stems from the slave to president story, the liberation from discrimination. Part of the excitement stems from a change in the way the United States will deal with internal and external issues. Obama has been elected because his ideas resonate with more persons than not. He has been elected because of the way he handles himself in times of trial and because of the way he tends to resolve issues with communication first, force second.

The last eight years have seen the implementation of one kind of policy, one that is in opposition to what many believe is the right way of handling things. People are excited about the change and have hope, not only for a more peaceful and prosperous USA but for a more peaceful and prosperous world.

In part the excitement is about Obama; in part it is the change he represents. At this point it is politics, promised solutions for the problems of the world we live in. Time will tell how many of those promises are kept.

I personally believe we are all God's in the sense that we are able to create or allow the kind of world we want to exist. One of scarcity, specialness, and hatred or one of abundance, equality and love. If we go past all of the seeming problems and seeming solutions and imagine a world where we have no anger, no problems, we come to realize that we do not really want peace; if we did, we would have it. In truth, peace bores us; there is no drama to make us feel alive. If we can forgive ourselves for that, if we can say "its ok" then we stand a much better chance of awakening to the purpose drama is serving and a much better chance of making another choice. A choice of peace because we understand the drama is our creation and one that we do not want anymore.


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