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Having a Car in Mexico on 6-Month Permit and Missing the Six-Month Deadline

Posted by jeffrey Dalto on December 18, 2008, 5:15 pm

Hi all,

Thanks in advance to anyone who has useful information on this topic and wishes to share it.

I recently came to Mexico on an FM-T which allowed me to stay for six months. At the same time, I got a six-month importation permit for my car.

I took a trip up to the US recently and am there now. That means I left Mexico within my six-month limit and, when I get back, I can re-up for an additional six months.

The six-month period on my car, however, is coming up soon.

From a reliable source there in town, I have heard that Article 106 negates the need to get my car up to the border as long as my own tourist/visa status is up to date. When researching the same information on the Internet, it appears that's true if I have an FM-2 or an FM-3, but not true if I have an FM-T.

So, my first question is, does anyone have a definitive answer on this question?

I have a second and third question in addition to that.

Here's question two: My plan is to return to Mexico soon and, if necessary, drive my car to the border, and then return to Mexico shortly after. Is there a specific amount of time I have to be gone, or could I simply cross the border in the US and then head south into Mexico again? (Of course, this depends on the answer to question 1 above).

And finally, question three. My plan to return to Mexico in time to drive my car to the border may not work out, as my mother has taken ill here in the US and I may need to extend my stay. Assuming I do extend my stay, does anyone know what the penalty is for not getting a car out of Mexico within the six-month period? Is it a small fine or a prohibitive fine? Do they impound your car? Or is it a roll of the dice with no predictable outcome?

Thank to anyone who has any feedback on this stuff. I'm searching the web also, of course, but it's had to find direct information on these questions.

Best to all,


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