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Re: wireless mouse

Posted by danko on December 27, 2008, 4:02 am, in reply to "wireless mouse"

Judy. ur mouse is obviously WIRED!for its fun! watchout baby, like so many small devices ment for pleasure (hmm pleasure or pursue? ahh screwit, pay no attention to the MAN BEHIND THE CUURTIN (Gwad'n an ass withat shit) ...i like the kind YounCanTrap the most... uknow...ucan Train m'up.

Anyway, Judy, back to your question. You really need to look into what the Bible haztoo say...sortuf the fixit guidebook Don't uknow? Here, just an example of what knowlege(ies) with regard escapable (ies) to this matter..."Take 'heed' (not to be confused withthat "HER-ed" shit El and I have had to put up with recently) (flippin' b###h!)

Anyway, none to bother and, now Judy briefly, so there the answer to lie perhaps; "Take heed lest there shall be any one that maketh (just guttalov that one!) spoil of you through his philosophy and vain deceeit"

(Holy Shooter!! now that's sum crap)...Colonscopy 3.5.57.or but really; Paul to the COLONOSSPIAINS; (3 Digets upurgaz the Holy Trinity..she said..ouch! watchit!) (Great pics too!). I was, of course under the influence of the that Holy Water...which I would recommend moist highly, in the Early Classic Canadian Tradition of; "4wat alesya!!!Esp. since my Canadian sister sezso "

Judy, till we meet darling. Danko

PS: You may also try...My friend El...I think he's really trying to help in these situations.


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