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la primavera

Posted by mokita on January 28, 2009, 3:04 am

At night everything is noise,a million creatures singing in the dark jungle, is wet and green, in the morning the sun is auot and the wild flowers smell so delicious and the animals in the Forest are out and about and is so beautiful.
And no body noticed because is just another day in a place where time doesn't meter.
The clock is just a fixture, nop body take it seriously, in the weekend the movies is the main attraction, the only window to the out side world,and it all happen at the "garcias" house they interior patio which also is a place to dry "copra" (dry coconut) so the teatre is roofless and smell like coconuts, the whole town meet there in the weekend, in those days people use to collect and cruckopen the "coco de aciete" Little coconut from the big palm trees
taht's what local people use to do for a living the ones who wasn't fisherman's.


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