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Lost Book

Posted by Danko on March 6, 2009, 2:52 am

Johnny Updike ...THE CENTAUR. If he wasn't up' an freakin' dead, mahn heed be pissed off at me!! plus, my friends say he knows and is pissed-off anyway, (dead folks are always the worst) so if you find it (its a green hard copy, and from lookin' at the old university library stamps, it was a ripped-off read ride from way back) I'd like it back...esp. those misssing pages 199- 121? no questions asked (buyme...not JD).

IT WAS LAST SCENE. I'm sure it was down beach where I lost track of JD's book...Bocaways, just a few daze ago with Gawd and El...beachin' it and reading (me) with sunny warm waves an' all. I had the chair in surf, they had the cactus juice and all that funny little bird and wind palm TREEZY breezy, anyway El sez just to bust me down " we wrote that story with Johnny 40 freakin' years ago" and Gawd "I whooped a tidel wave up his ass too" (There're not book types, and Gawd's just a flippin' ugly drunk sometimes, but hey he's a friend)..."everything's already been written and said, its just reframed, all art has already been created over and over." I was like "God not this shit again." know, pretending not to hear, face in the book...yes, I'll have more juice...blah blah. Whatever.

Last thing I remember...a BIG ass wave knocked my butt and chair and bag and BOOK over and over and over, (maybe I had a nap?) it was dark, El was gone with the juice and Gwad was everywhere.

And the book was nowhere.


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