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Re: Lost Book

Posted by danko on March 14, 2009, 4:05 am, in reply to "Re: Lost Book"

Yhep...I've been realworldeded. But here's the great news; That pubic patch thats been growin' on my left shoulder is actually--my missing beard!! no crap...weird I know baby...but, so, anyway, you know my friend Gawd thought it might be funny to liberate my beard from its traditional "expectation of location" (When I first found out about that jackass statement, you know "lookin' for my beard an' all", i was like "what'in the nastyness o'hell excitement does the freakin' mean?) maybeA bit understated... anway,(fker was drunk too...or at least that's what's a mutual friend, Hsroam says...he's a drunk too, but at least he drinks the good stuff, and doesn't want'a just whoop-up twistercanes and all freakin' manner of cold snow and rainstarvation, and you know, relocate a guy's Gwad Darn FNG breard when he's high.) The're both crazynuts...but really, Gawd's the worst thAt wAy. ReAlly. Hsroam's cool.

So, yeah, got the beard growin' on the shoulder...its really wierd, but ya know its sort of, I donno' know..."Tangy" maybe? And besides, Lucy says NOH 1 has a beard patch on their flippin' shoulder!! I was "thats right...riteon!!)I was thinkin' know..let it grow a bit (watharm?)...then....dreadlocks and some beading. I mean, think this through, right there on my left shoulder, a freakin' beaded freakin' beard!!

So anyway, no worries,...found the beard. CAN RELAX NOW. And its all good...I love the way its so positive! (donyeah too?!!). El and Lucy are coming over tomorrow, and maybe we'll discuss that last book section (pgs. 117 and 120) we missed on the beach. El says he's got some new drink from some new Hard A Dist. nearby LaManz??

and Lucy want's it. I think I forgot something. Hmmm


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