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WOW! What a great clinic!

Posted by rustyandjulie on March 29, 2009, 9:37 am

The adrenalin has finally stopped pumping and all is cleaned up and packed away for the next clinic so I now have time to write the much needed thanks to all of the volunteers that made this the BEST of BEST Cisco's Amigos Clinic in La Manz.
Thank you so much to Katherine for organizing the volunteers and working the front desk, Pam for doing a great job in heading -up recovery and Marcia for being in surgery with the Vets and helping them in all the ways they need it. They were there everyday all day and I mean all day!!
Larry gets a huge hug and thanks for being our "Big Guy"-hope your back holds up for a few more years so you can haul around those big dogs for the Vets.
Thank you Merrilee for coming over from Melaque, helping in recovery and bringing animals. Sally, from Barra, did a great job as always catching cats, Heidi, from Melaque, brought in her neighbors dogs and Dorrie certainly did her share in helping her neighbors by bringing in their dogs-thank you.
Michael, Sylvia and Chela transported over 21 dogs from Arroyo Seco. The difference in those dogs lives will be amazing. The effort is huge to transport that many animals on one day so they really get a big congratulations and thank you.
Katerina from El Rebalsito talked to her neighbors and got 10 dogs and one cat really for pick-up. Paul, Arnie, Raul, Dan and Rusty got them into trucks and brought them in. That was quite the job. Thank you!
A special thanks to you that provided dinners -Paul, Janis, Arnie and Kathy, Casa Flores and Eileen. It really helps to be able to come home to a great meal.
Valerie and Bill thank you for taking temps and weighing all those thousands of pounds of animals.
Thank you to all the instrument washers, floor scrubbers, cage cleaners, tick pullers, flea catchers, and ear wipers-that's not in any order of importance. It's all important and without all of you Cisco's would not be the success it is.
I hope those of you that helped for the first time enjoyed what you did. It's pretty amazing how addictive it can become.
The most important ones to thank are our Vets and Vet Tech. Yolanda has been with Cisco's since the beginning in 2004. This made her 10th clinic with us. Her dedication, compassion and talent as a surgeon is incredible. She sister, Irene, is the best Vet Tech there is. Her love of animals and knowledge of how to handle and comfort them is incredible. This was Ester's 8th clinic. We could not do it without her incredible devotion, her sense of humor and the fact that she is always ready for "one more".
Many thanks to the Ejido for letting us use their building.
In all 214 animals were spayed or neutered. 149 dogs(104 females-45 males) 65 cats (49 females-16 males). Many came in for Rabies shots, medicine for ticks and fleas and more. So all of this brings the total of animals spayed and neutered for free in the past 5 years in La Manzanilla to 1171. If we include Melaque it comes to 1834. WOW!
Some of you might think that Cisco's is only for the dogs and cats, but many will agree that the changes that have taken place in La Manzanilla go well beyond spaying and neutering a bunch of street dogs.
Thank you everyone for making a dream come true. I love those red collars!!!

Julie and Rusty
Cisco's Amigos
La Manzanilla Del Mar
"Helping one friend at a tiime"


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