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Re: Horatian Ode

Posted by D on April 1, 2009, 9:23 pm, in reply to "Re: Horatian Ode"

Hi Dave,

You said

"Well whatever meaning we take from it, letís get one thing straight: Horace wrote it, and Ted translated it so that we could all begin to comprehend its timelessness"

If we are going to comprehend the timelessness of what Horace was saying perhaps it would be good to be clear on what the message is. I feel that post like Ted's create a lot of conversation off board. With over 200 reads why have only 3 persons posted their interpretation (each being different)? When will more participate? Only the anticipation is frightening.

I enjoyed reading what Horace said and thinking about it. I responded to only one part of a rather large body of work and so my take on what he was saying is most likely out of context. I feel that the interpretation in my previous post was short sighted, I now think it was more of a kind of dig (of sorts), posted by Ted to make a statement about the big homes being built here, and or a mindset. Perhaps Ted could expand on why he posted it, even at the expense of it losing what it is to each reader.

You said "The wake up call is ringing now and the old dominant paradigm answer is not working. It never has. This is what history shows. When will we begin to heed the lessons?"

I wanted to respond to this paragraph in a new post as I feel it is starting a new thread, I will resist that temptation.

So what is the wake up call? What is the old paradigm and why is it not working?
If we were to heed the lesson what course of action would we take?

"Sure, light is "nas", but heavy is also necessary if we are to continue playing".

I don't know what "nas" is. I do know what heavy is......lack of fear.

I look forward to having a discussion on this board (one I have had with you personally a couple of times) about what the actual problem is and what kind of solution will give the desired results.



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