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Crocs kill dog in Boca

Posted by rustyandjulie on May 16, 2009, 2:25 pm

Today an unsuspecting family from Guadalajara with 2 young children and 2 labs got out of their car by the lagoon in Boca de Iquanas and as quickly as you blink an eye both dogs were attacked by Crocs. One was killed and the other received treatment for deep puncture wounds in Dra. Rocio's office here in La Manz.
Needless to say the children were traumatized and the parents in shock that no warnings were posted . Thanks to someone in La Manz( I'm not sure who to thank) there is a new fence and signs posted regarding the danger for not only people, but dogs. For too many years dogs have been part of these crocodile's diet. How are they to know it's not on the menu today?
I'm very sorry for the family and the loss of their pet, but once again it's a miracle the children were not the targets.
Put some signs up please!!!


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