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Re: Crocs kill dog in Boca

Posted by Kate Cahill on May 17, 2009, 8:40 am, in reply to "Re: Crocs kill dog in Boca"

Hi, my name is Kate and I am the owner of the two labs that got attacked on the beach yesterday. Our family is traumatized by this awful accident that left our favorite dog dead and our other dog badly injured. When we decided to go to La Manzanilla we never thought we would encounter crocodiles but we did see the fence next to the first camping site, so we were prepared and attached the dogs that night we stayed. But when we went to Boca de Iguanas, we wanted to check out the beach there to find another spot for camping, my husband got out of the car with the kids and walked down towards the laguna, he did the small sign warning about crocodiles (that looked like from the 1920s) but thought that there was also a fence. I asked him if I should let the dogs out as we were going to check out the beach and he shouted out yes. I let them out and while I was locking the car, our Mimi ran into the water as any lab would do. My husband saw the crocodile move off the shore and swim towards her, she never even noticed him coming and within a matter of seconds, she was under. Max, our second lab, went to the rescue of Mimi and we saw him fight what seemed to be a second crocodile, he somehow got away from it and swam as fast as he could to safety. Needless to say that this was a tragedy that could have happen to a of my children...We have lived in Mexico, Guadalajara, for 4 years now and are aware of our Mexico works when it comes to road signs, holes in the roads with branches sticking up to warn but come on, crocodiles are killers and a small sign is not enough to warn people. If anyone has the phone number of the delegado, please email it to me. Thank you! Also, many thanks to the vet who helped us and Marsha, a wonderful lady who took us into her home and fed us quesadillas and made us feel so welcome into her village. Marsha, thank you!
Kate Cahill

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