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Re: Crocs kill dog in Boca

Posted by Tim Edwards on May 17, 2009, 10:46 pm, in reply to "Crocs kill dog in Boca"

I too am saddened that your dog was killed by a croc. I am a dog owner and would be sad if it were my dog. Having said that, please keep in preceptive that to make the jump to 'it could have been a child' would go against all the history of crocs and people in this area and possibly MX. Until I am corrected by facts, no human has been harmed by a croc in this area and I have seen more than one drunk/stupid human testing their limits.

Kate's dog "Paco the Croco Taco" was a favorite of mine, but was in typical dog style, dumb enough to decide that he needed to get a drink out of the lagoon (instead of the dog dish with fresh water that Kate had for him).

It would not surprise me that many of those who visit this message board believe in evolution and natural selection. The harsh reality of that means that if a dog wades into the realm of a creature that will eat them that they will be eaten. We can talk about signs and fences and whatever, but the hard reality is that we can't blame La Huerta or the Delgado or whatever on things that happen like this. If you don't ever want your pet to have anything happen to them, keep them at home or on a leash. Don't blame it on the lack of signs or fences or ????

ps. let's don't make MX like the US, which is what many of us come down here to escape.


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