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Re: Crocs kill dog in Boca

Posted by Jimmi Jorgensen on May 18, 2009, 2:30 pm, in reply to "Crocs kill dog in Boca"

This is a very sad story.

The couple used to public access to the beach, not the hotels access. The couple ignored signs of the danger over the crocodiles being present and dangerous. The first sign is right at the entrance and it states: DANGER...
Below DANGER we list the dangers and the first item is the crocodiles.

We also posted a warning over the ripcurrent and how to handle it if affected.

We have put up these signs to warn people...please notice that the people whom uses this public accesss does not come to the hotel but instead eats and drinks at the local umbrellas.

In hotel Boca de Iguanas we are pet friendly but no pet are to wonder free without a leash.

Many efforts on behalf of the hotel has been done to warn people from the dangers such as wanting to have the umbrellas removed, to put up fences and more signs but it becomes a delicated issue with the local people whom are selling goods at the beach.

For the record.....3 signs BEFORE you get to the mangrove water is posted warning people about the crocodile.....these signs have been up for over 3 months now.

I will place more but if the people ignores the signs, the impact of the signs are worthless.

Best regards

Jimmi Jorgensen


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