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Mouth Orgasms

Posted by D on May 24, 2009, 10:51 pm

I'm walking back to the office after yet another spectacular walk on the beach
of La Manzanilla when I run into Ann Lindsay of Sea Fever. She is here for a week to
take care of some business and invites me to Figuero's (no suitable link) for dinner.
I accept, return to drop off the dog's, grab a shirt and a Corralejo and then
go to meet her.

I ask the wonderful Lilia (new (for me) waitress at Figuero's ) what the
specials are, one of which is Black Mussels in white wine sauce, I pick that one.

Wow, what a meal, outstanding in all aspects, the sunset, atmosphere, and the FOOD!

The next day I can't get the Black Musses out of my mind, sooo good!
I call my friend Richard to tell him about it and tell others too (I never do that).

So Sunday night I am ready for more! I call in my order and get ready to go.
I get to Figuero's and within mere moments the food is at my table.

Last night as I got to the bottom of the bowl of mussels I discovered the mussles
which were saturated in the white wine sauce they were cooked in,
which made a climatic finish to the meal.

Now with that experience under my belt (I don't wear belts) I figure the best thing to do
is to liberate all of the mussels from their shells into the white wine sauce,
in effect skipping to the climatic part of the culinary experience.

Pino (the owner) came by as I was busy shucking the mussels into the sauce,
he said that is what he does as well, but he combines the shucked mussels
in the sauce with some pasta. I say "bring it on".

I partook in the condensed version of last nights dinner only to find that condensing
is not necessarily a good thing. While the food is of equal quality there is no
space between the very good and the excellent. Excellent without contrast is only very good at best. There was something about eating the mussels without a lot of
sauce that made getting to the ones that were saturated in the sauce work.

I guess there is more about orgasms that I need to learn.

By the time the pasta arrived the meal was consumed and I was looking
for the next Corralejo, which abided at my office.

High ly recommended.



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